Queen’s Scientists perfume smelling good!

Apart from the body wash in the shower, the deodorant and then a spritz of perfume, we go to extraordinary lengths to cover up our natural smells.


That may just be a thing of the past since Queen’s University QUILL scientists have recently developed a first-ever perfume that releases more of it’s fragrance when it comes into contact with liquid – basically, the more you sweat, the better you’ll smell!


But according to Dr Gunaratne, project leader at the QUILL lab: “Not only does it have great commercial potential, and could be used in perfumes and cosmetic creams, but it could also be used in other area of science, such as the slow release of certain substances of interest.”
To read more about the project, go to Queen’s University Belfast’s website. If you’re a bit of a chemistry head altogether, you’ll find the abstract on Chemical Communications site.


I don’t understand much about ‘pro-fragrant ionic liquids’ – I’m just happy that going to the gym could soon be a whole new sweet smelling experience!