My Favourite Smell – Suzanne Clarke

Suzanne Clarke is the woman behind the award-winning luxury handmade soaps – Clarkes of Dublin. A woman who knows her scent, we asked Suzanne what is her favourite smell – other than a perfume. We also wanted to introduce her amazing range of cruelty-free products.

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Set up by Suzanne, a native of Dublin, but Clarkes of Dublin handmade soaps is actually an all-Ireland affair.  
The company prides itself on harnessing the best of local Irish ingredients sourced from all around the country, including seaweeds harvested from the coasts of Galway and Donegal, beeswax from County Meath, goat’s milk from Offaly and the very best Atlantic sea salt from West Cork.
Clarkes all ireland affair
For me, scent and memory are intrinsically linked.  As an avid and addicted gardener as all the Clarke women are, I can easily summon the scent of earth. In an instant, I can revive the perfume of soil freshly turned by my father in the heat of the summer’s sun while digging out potatoes; its dense, pithy richness cut with the gentle muskiness of his perspiring skin and top notes of soap long washed away. 
Forest Scene (Nyanatusita), Digging for Potatoes (Peter Mooney)
I can conjure up the aroma of loamy earth as it rises from a damp forest floor, or flood my senses with night time petrichor; the glorious scent given up by scorched earth after it rains.
To me, there’s nothing finer, or more complex than the smell of earth. 

See the full range of Clarke’s beautiful handmade soaps and more information about Suzanne’s fair-trade conscious and cruelty-free Irish company.

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