My Favourite Smell – Marissa Carter

My Favourite Smell –┬áMarissa Carter, Cocoa Brown shares her all-time favourite scent.
Smell in such a powerful thing… smell has the amazing ability to stir up huge emotion and memory. In the second of this series, the woman behind Ireland’s most successful tanning brand, Cocoa Brown, and all-round business super-woman, Marissa Carter, gives us the scoop on her fave scent. And it’s a real heart-warmer. ┬áCongratulations on baby Isabelle.

marissa carter

The question: What is your favourite smell, other than perfume, and why?


My favourite scent? Fresh from the oven, homemade buns topped with drippy lemon royal icing. The memories this smell conjures for me go way back, maybe as far back as 25 years; before they were renamed Fairy Cakes with a little help from Betty Crocker, before Starbucks introduced a nation to super-size muffins and well before the PR industry single handedly popularised Cupcakes.

baking lemon buns

As a young girl barely a week went by I didn’t bake with my brothers and sister, each of us taking a different task, creaming the butter and sugar, whisking the eggs, sieving the flour or carefully ensuring bun cases weren’t doubles up in the tin. Now I have my own little boy, it’s something we do together just the two of us and it’s time I really treasure with him. Watching his chubby little fingers scoop the mix into his mouth when he thinks I’m not looking or listening to him carefully count the cases are small moments in time I bank in my memory. I still like my buns quite plain, a teaspoon of vanilla essence added to the recipe is enough sophistication. So that’s me, one whiff of a warm bun and I’m warm and fuzzy all over!


Thanks for sharing Marissa – mmm, feeling a little bit peckish now and can almost taste the lemon drizzle!