My Favourite Smell – Leonard Daly

My Favourite Smell – Leonard Daly, of BeautyBaked and makeup artist, shares his all-time favourite scent.


Smell in such a powerful thing and has the amazing ability to stir up huge emotion and memory. Continuing this series, My Favourite Smell, I asked Leonard his all-time fave scent. As one of Ireland’s top freelance makeup artists, Leonard has collaborated with leading national and international fashion industry professionals over the last decade.

leonard pic

The question: What is your favourite smell, other than perfume, and why?
Me being a big girls blouse, I really love floral scents. I always try and have flowers in the house. My all time favourite scent is Jasmine, I love the deep rich almost spicy floral scent. I have six Jasmine plants in Gay Gardens and I love them so much! I don’t think a perfume is complete until Jasmine is added!


Jasmine sambac | image by Scott Zona copy

We hope you are enjoying this series of Favourite Smells. Do let us know your own favourites in the comments below.