My Favourite Smell – Laura Bermingham

My Favourite Smell – Laura Bermingham shares her all-time favourite scent.


Continuing the series My Favourite Smell, Laura Bermingham, well-known Beauty Expert for Ireland AM and Irish Mail on Sunday, gives us the inside on her all time fave smell sensations…

laura bermingham

The question: What is your favourite smell, other than perfume, and why?


My favourite scent is freshly cut grass. I grew up in the city centre without a garden, and where the only way we would have experienced scent, would be from trips to a park or on days out of the city. I live near the sea now and being able to smell both regularly is really uplifting – nature is the best inspiration for all fragrance.

coast + grass scene

We totally agree with Laura – the natural smell of cut-grass is one that can evoke good memories of summer holidays or just lazy days in the park with your mates.
There are a lot of perfumes that have captured a ‘fresh cut-grass’ scent but since you can’t squeeze grass to get an oil, the scent is replicated using Cis 3 Hexanol (an aldehyde) which gives an intense odour of freshly cut green grass and leaves.

CIS3 Hexanol


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