My Favourite Smell – Katrina

My Favourite Smell – Katrina Doran, 


Smell in such a powerful thing… smell has the amazing ability to hit the ‘old’ part of your brain and stir up huge emotion and memory.  In this series, I asked people their favourite smell and got some passionate responses…


Way back in 2007 – when most of us barely knew what blogging was – Katrina Doran set up for all things beauty, fashion and social in Northern Ireland.  It is quite possibly the grandmother of all blogs in Ireland! Katrina also set up FABB which is a network for fashion and beauty bloggers in Northern Ireland.  Here she tells us her (very apt) fave smell and it’s right on time too!

katrina doran sugahfix

The question: What is your favourite smell, other than perfume, and why?


Katrina:    CHOCOLATE! 


The childhood memory of the smell of your Easter egg on Easter Sunday morning when you scramble to peel back the foil and bite the top off like a hungry velociraptor that hadn’t eaten for weeks. The glorious moment after denying yourself that joyful taste for 40 day and 40 nights. 

smarties easter egg (

Chocolate. Pure Bliss! I always have a good sniff before I eat chocolate – particularly Creme eggs and Lindor eggs – it must be the foil wrapper and childhood memories of Lent. Sensational. And promises so much of the tastes about to be experienced…


Can’t disagree with that Katrina – time for a break at The Chocolate Hotel methinks

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