My Favourite Smell – Emma Henderson

My Favourite Smell – Emma Henderson admits to losing herself in this beautiful smell that promises escape and adventure.

emma H by Deryck Tormey

We ask Emma Henderson of the multi-award winning blog Fluff and Fripperies “what is your favourite smell, other than perfume, and why”?

My favourite scent is the smell of old books, whether it’s that crisp, sharp papery ‘new book’ smell or the sweet, heady blend of leather and ink that comes with an older tome.

I’ve always loved reading for pleasure; I think it stems from a set of beautiful, bound children’s books I had as a kid, full of exotic stories and characters and the promise of endless mysteries and adventures. The scent of a book signals freedom and fantasy and escape, and it’s one of the reasons I resisted the Kindle for as long as I did – though my first holiday without half a suitcase of books soon converted me.

book smell