My Favourite Smell – Declan Leavy

My Favourite Smell – Declan Leavy of Xpose magazine, tells us what scent stirs up good memories.

Declan Leavy

The question: What is your favourite smell, other than perfume, and why?


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with how people and things smell. That a scent can evoke a particular feeling or memory never fails to astonish me. Freshly cut grass fills me with an irrational, unexplainable dread, however line-dried washing has the opposite effect.

I live in a typical London shoe box with no outdoor space, and before that I lived in several Dublin apartments, so I’m used to drying clothes on clothes horses and radiators.

laundry on a washing line

The smell of fresh, line-dried washing makes me think of my mum, the huge garden in the house I grew up in and just generally evokes thoughts of really happy times growing up. Unfortunately, like most synthetic scents, those ‘fresh linen’ candles and sprays don’t come close to nailing this lovely scent!

Let us know what smell stirs up good memories for you!