My Favourite Smell – Andrea Byrne

My Favourite Smell – Andrea Byrne’s fave smell?

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Even if you are the kind of person that dislikes perfume (as some people do), everyone has a favourite smell that brings back good memories, or just makes you feel downright good! Andrea, who holds the fort as the Irish Independent Weekend Beauty Editor, tells us hers…


I adore, and frankly am a little bit addicted to, the smell of fresh, sweet basil, and tend to cook with it at any available opportunity just so I can grab a sneaky sniff. I love the uniqueness of its scent; it’s pungent but beautifully and softly so.

Basil lime

Unsurprisingly, my go-to perfume for as long as it has been around is Jo Malone’s Lime Basil and Mandarin Cologne. An instant mood lifter. Good times in a bottle.

Did you know that basil is one of the notes found in the classic Calvin Klein’s Obsession!
If you like orange and basil in your perfume, you may also like these…

Concentré d’Orange Verte by Hermes (2004) Orange, basil, cedar, patchouli, amber

Obsession by Calvin Klein (1985) along with spices and vanilla, there is some basil, mandarin, bergamot and lemon in there too

A by Blood Concept (2011) basil and spice

Hugo XY by Hugo Boss (2007) – Basil, mint and pear leaf

Armani Eau pour Homme (1984) – Lemon, mandarin, orange, basil

Basil by Marc Jacobs (2008) – A beautiful, rare, limited edition splash – if you can still find it! Basil, lemon and tomato leaf are the top notes. If you see one of these around, snap it up.

basil marc jacobs