First Big Perfume Love by Pamela Flood

My First Big Perfume Love. Guest post by Pamela Flood

Since my very early teens there have been a lot of perfumes that I’ve really loved…

…from a bottle of ‘O de Lancome’ that my aunt gave me when I was 16 to my most recent big love being ‘Chloe’ by Chloe (this one has definitely been the most enduring love affair lasting about 7 years now and showing no signs of abating either. But I would have to say that my first big love in the proper grown up world of perfume would have to be ‘Ysatis’ by Givenchy.

I can’t remember where or exactly when I first came across it but I’m pretty sure it was around the age of 18 as a friend I was in college with had an older sister who wore it and very kindly let me have a spritz once.  I distinctly remember trying to shower and not wash that part of my arm the next morning!

I finally got a bottle for my 21st birthday from a cousin of mine who wore it too. It was to me the most sophisticated and opulent thing I had ever smelled and I wanted to climb inside the bottle and live there! 

It did get a lot of attention for the couple of years I wore it and I did get asked quite a few times what it was by strangers. That has only happened to me a few times since and thats 20 odd years ago!

I probably stopped wearing it only a few years later as there were always new perfumes to entice me away and start a new affair with them. I really think that most perfumes are only for a certain time in your life. If I smell Ysatis now I’m transported back to that time and memories of having a blast as a single carefree woman.

I am to this day a committed perfume junkie and absolutely thrill at the prospect of discovering a new one for my collection.

That just happened again for me last week when I acquired the ‘yet to hit the counters’ Shiseido Ever Bloom – we’re going steady now and it looks like it could be love!

small everbloom