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Creative Jump Start & Teambuilding

Your company has smart, driven people who like to be challenged and energized professionally and personally.

According to environmental psychologists, scent training can offer a unique learning experience to stimulate and foster critical and creative thinking.

Whether looking to have fun or to create their own unique fragrance, we create a programme to help them use scent to jump-start the creative process. Our teambuilding can be tailored to a full-day or half-day event.


Training Workshops & Scent Events

We offer specific targeted fragrance training for the Fragrance & Perfume Industry based on fragrance consumer insight, selling skills and a fun interactive Scent Creation Event. Each participant goes home with a fragrance which they have created during the day.

When your sales staff are properly trained, and can demonstrate fragrance knowledge, they can enhance their sales success. Marketing and PR can benefit from training, which will develop the skills needed to present fragrance successfully.

Alternatively, we can tailor the event specific to your requirements, providing perfumers and trainers to suit your needs!

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