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Fi ImageHello!  Have you always wanted to learn more about PERFUME?

What ingredients go into perfumes?  What are Notes and Accords? What does ‘Fragrance Family’ even mean?  How do I make my own perfume?

The perfume industry feels like such a guarded place, shrouded by smoke and mirrors. I wanted to know more for a long time. I had so many questions and didn’t know where to start.  So I began a journey that has so far, taken 15 years working in the perfume industry – I have talked to perfumers (noses), perfume developers, creative directors, trainers, and have gone on a myriad of courses.

I want to share that learning with you. If you are looking for an honest-to-goodness Perfume 101 learning journey, then Hello! I think we are going to be great friends.

x Fiona

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