A is for Anosmia

P is for Perfume… in 30 seconds


As part of Anosmia Awareness Day on February 27th, FifthSense (UK organisation) are asking people to appreciate their sense of smell.

@FifthSenseUK – What is your #LongLostSmell

What’s the smell that you would miss more than any other, and why?

If you are affected by a problem with your sense of smell, what is the one thing you really wish you could smell?

As part of their Long Lost Smell campaign, Fifth Sense are raising money to establish a dedicated fund that will be used to support future research into smell and taste disorders. Any donation made via the ‘Long Lost Smell’ campaign on their BT MyDonate page between 13th February and 9th March 2015 will be used for this purpose. To make your donation please visit www.mydonate.bt.com/events/longlostsmell